Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

– William Butler Yeats
Accomplished 20th century Irish poet

Sherringwood World School is an international school catering to the needs of modern day children with its unique child care setting and teaching methodologies. Sherringwood strives to impart high standards of education and care to children.

In a safe and secure campus where students can enjoy a vast range of activities, Sherringwood World School provides top-of-the-line early years education with state-of- the-art, purpose-built facilities. We have been granted permission by the Government to extend our education program from Pre-Primary stage to Primary and Middle stages i.e. up to Grade 8. We at Sherringwood, are working, without exception, to build strong foundations that would last a lifetime.

Sherringwood is the best start a parent can give to their children in terms of a stimulating and imaginative learning environment in a very friendly and caring setting all under the direct guidance and management of experts in their respective fields.

A real depth of understanding of each and every student’s potential, their desires, their mindset, their weaknesses and strengths is at the core of our ethos. It’s ultimately the students who form the most distinctive ambience of our institute. It’s the students who are the real ambassadors and torch-bearers of any institute, who carry our name forward around the globe, who give us pride and happiness and satisfaction, hence it is imperative that we leave no stone behind in doing all that we can for them.