School Coat of Arms

Our logo reflects our mission vision and foresight. We have used classic coat of arms which is a symbol of power, pride and leadership.

The crest of the coat of arms bears the ‘Eagle’ which indicates foresight, determination coupled with a will to succeed.

The wreath of the coat of arms makes use of a classic English crown, which is symbolic of power and authority. The mantling makes use of classic murals that add to the glory and panache of the crown. A pair of lions is used as the supporters of the coat of arms.

The shield, which is a strong piece of armory, has five compartments holding the core sprit of Sherringwood. Each compartment bears relevance to the five elements of existance.


Finally, the logo culminates into the motto of Sherringwood that reads in Latin as “Ut Scientia Deducet” which means By knowledge we shall lead.