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Documentation Requirements

Please find the documentation required for admission here under:

  • Duly filled Admission form (to be signed at the time of Admission)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • 2 Passport photos of the child and 2 photos of each parent and any other person who may pick up the child from the school / transport drop point
  • Cheque in the name of “Sherringwood World School”

Aims of this policy

  • Sherringwood World School aims to identify and welcome parents and their children whose backgrounds appear to match the ethos and standards of the school and whose personal qualities suggest that they have the potential to contribute to our community and benefit from the many opportunities offered here.
  • To set selection criteria and procedures which are fair for all applicants.

Admissions process

The admissions process is as follows:

  • Please visit the school website for further information, request information directly from school and feel free to arrange a personalized visit or attend an Open Day.
  • A personal visit to School will involve a tour of the school after you fill up the enquiry form.
  • At this stage, parents & prospective pupils will be given the opportunity to meet the director or Counselor of the school or other key members of staff.


The parents of Kindergarten and reception pupils will be asked to complete a Pupil Information Profile. Parents are then asked to register their daughter or son and pay a non-refundable registration fee.

Scholarship examinations

Scholarship Examination dates will be published on the School website and will also be available by request from the Admissions Officer.

Special circumstances

  • if he/she is unwell when taking tests or has had a lengthy absence from school
  • if there are particular family circumstances such as a recent bereavement
  • if there is a significant factor in a candidate’s educational history
  • if the candidate has a disability or specific learning difficulties
  • if English is not a candidate’s first language

In all cases, parents are asked to complete the Pupil Information Profile, so as to inform the School of any special circumstances relating to their child. (For example: health, allergies, disabilities, learning difficulties, social or emotional problems which may affect their child’s performance.)

The School may, in addition, request further information such as a medical certificate or educational psychologist’s report and any associated correspondence from the pupil’s current school, if we consider it necessary in order to make a fair assessment.

The School will make any reasonable adjustments to the Admissions procedure as may be required to assist candidates with disabilities or special needs to take the entrance assessments. Parents are requested to inform the School if they have any special requirements for adjustments to be made at any stage of the Admissions process.


If there is a need to decide between two or more candidates who meet the admissions requirements, the factors listed below will be taken into consideration.

FACTORS FOR CONSIDERATION: (not ranked in a specific order)

  • The applicant has a sibling at Sherringwood School
  • The applicant has special gifts or aptitudes
  • whether the School is the first choice of school
  • date of registration

The Offer of a place

Final decisions regarding entry are made at the discretion of the director and academic mentor.

Letters offering places, or any scholarships or bursaries, are sent out as soon as possible after assessment, provided the reports from the candidates existing school have been received.

The School is not obliged to state its reasons for rejection of an applicant and does not give out specific marks or grades but may offer relevant feedback in certain specialist areas if it is deemed helpful to the applicant.

The School does not give out past papers for any level of entry.

Parents are asked to accept the offer and pay the acceptance deposit, or alternatively decline the offer, within 28 days.

Acceptance of a place is subject to the School’s terms and conditions which will be provided with the offer or are available at any time on request.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Bursary forms and further information about bursary applications are available from the office. If a bursary is awarded, it will be reviewed on an annual basis by the School’s Finance Committee.

A limited number of scholarships, giving up to 20% remission of fees is available. A limited number of Exhibitions, giving up to 10% remission of fees is also available. The duration of the award will be indicated in the letter of offer, if a pupil is eligible to receive a scholarship or exhibition. As outlined in the offer letter, pupils are expected to meet all expectations.

If this is found not to be the case, the Award may be withdrawn. Full details of scholarships and how to apply can be obtained from the Admissions Department.


If  any parent has a concern regarding the Admissions procedure or the outcome of an application, they are referred to the School Suggestions Procedure, available from the Office.