Junior KG

Admission Intake Age: 3.5 – 4.5 years

  • Our Kindergarten program is the extension of the pre-kindergarten series. From here work has to go on to bridge the transition between pre-kindergarten to nursery school kids would soon move into. By now rational thinking develops and instructions can be taken by children.
  • Hands on activities and direct experiences are encouraged.
  • Expressions happen through drama, art and craft.
  • Different themes are being appreciated by kids and they start being an active part of it.
  • Language and math concepts begin to set in.
  • Each day here presents things scheduled activities like Community Learning Circle, Creative Art, Music and Movement, Child-Centered Discovery, Games, and a Story.
  • The Creative Art projects are all imagined and completed by the child, perhaps with inspiration from a song, or a story, or the art materials themselves. The Community Learning Circle presents ideas for conversation, language development and learning games. The daily calendar is not emphasized, since it is not yet relevant to the young child’s experience of the world.
  • Letters and numbers appear throughout the Curriculum in games, art projects and stories, always with a relationship to the current activity so that the child can link the letter or number to a concrete concept.
  • There are many activities that extend the concepts of literacy and numeracy, such as sequencing, classifying, and developing memory. Stories are chosen for their beautiful illustrations, excellent writing, and their relevance to the children’s experience.
  • Moreover favorites can be read over and over again, stimulating conversations about the characters, the pictures, and what might happen next.

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