Play Group

Admission Intake Age: 18 months to 30 months

Prekindergarten 1 is where the journey of a thousand miles would begin with a single step. The first planned step a child takes towards the educational process that lies ahead and is perhaps the most important process of development and personality in an individual’s life.

Important theoretical developmental milestones are matched with the children’s abilities. During this stage, it’s very important for a child to feel connected with an external place other than home to have a lifelong love for external environment. Initial hiccups and fears need to be removed at this stage, otherwise the fear becomes an obstruction in years to come.

Our Prekindergarten programs aim to make the child feel comfortable in his very first surroundings other than home. Our program then enhances a child’s natural exploration abilities; makes him feel the first gush of independence, learns to cope with other students of his age. If a child has succeeded in just being away from his parents for even 2-3 hours a day, a big first milestone has been achieved. A child feeling engaged at this stage is a great achievement indeed. The children are introduced to and surrounded by music, songs, stories, art methods and objects, customs and toy foods from various parts of human experience and history. Relevant cultural holidays are joyfully celebrated, and every child and family can feel included and respected. Children get tired and sleep when they feel like and then get-up and start playing again. A lot of learning through sense continues to go on here. A number of developmentally-appropriate activities are scheduled.

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