Admission Intake Age: 2.3 years to 2.9 years

At this stage, the initial hiccups and settlement stage almost gets over, a child knows what is going on around him and consciously starts making efforts to learn things.   Formal plans and procedures are laid out in terms of curricula and a number of stimulating activities, meaningful group interaction and structured learning gradually unfolds.

  • Theme based learning begins. Monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities keep the kids excited, busy and wanting for more.
  • Each daily schedule is developed pre-hand and integrated, so that each activity complements the others and builds layers of learning and discovery opportunities.
  • Pre-reading, Pre-math, basics of logical thinking, and ability to reason things are worked out.
  • Block play, Clay play, dough play, free play, and pretend play become handy here.
  • The world of Art and Craft is introduced and greatly enjoyed by children.
  • Exploration and understanding increases and curiosity, self-initiative and persistence are developed along.

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